About Us

We operate in the Gauteng area.

We specialise in addressing water related problems on buildings (Commercial, Industrial and Residential).

Our team have 20 years’ experience and work to the highest standards.

For many years we have used and supplied our own damp proofing products to the industry.

We use and are distributors of the very highest quality range of water proofing products, namely the LastiFlex brand

Roof & Parapet Walls - Water Proofing & Painting

Bad workmanship / products, rain, hail, snow, violent winds, harsh sun/UV and bad / no maintenance are all enemies of our rooves. The result is that inevitably it ends up in leaking rooves or worse.

Before these problems intensify we sort them out, stop the leaks and channel the water to where it should go. Prevention is better than cure – leaks should be addressed before it causes damp problems. We offer very reasonable rates for monitoring the condition of your roof and gutters on a regular basis.

When it comes to water proofing we use only the highest quality products and take pride in our workmanship and make the problem go away. We use and distribute the impenetrable LASTIFLEX brand of water proofing products to solve the problem permanently. (See www.lastiflex.co.za)

When applying the paint coating to roofs, we meticulously select only the best paints and sealers which carry guarantees long lasting results

Damp Proofing / Crack repair / Foundation repair:

Rising damp, lateral and penetrating damp all cause damage to building walls.

The cause is that water is penetrating the walls because of failure of building materials ground water or building methods. This is serious business and if not addressed properly can compromise the very structure of the building. We specialise in fixing these problems by using materials developed by ourselves and proven methods to solve damp permanently.

We chemically replace the failed Damp Proof Coarse (DPC) to prevent rising damp.

We use our own waterproof plaster (Pyroplast) for walls needing re-plastering as part of the damp proofing process.

Where excessive water has caused the building foundation to subside and walls to sustain cracks, we underpin/pile the foundations and raise the concrete floors and foundations with special technology and materials. We mend structural cracks with advanced cementitious chemicals and steel reinforcing.